Business is complicated enough. At Vīkāśa, we like to keep things simple for you, so our services have been split into two high-impact focus areas:

We are VīkāśaTransformational People Consulting

Organisational Design

We look at your business and its future growth to develop processes, structures and systems which shape the way your company will operate. Through systemic Org Design and Design Thinking, we will rocket your strategy execution and significantly improve the financial performance of your company.

Change Management

We align strategy execution and partnering with the people in your organisation to understand their expectations and needs during times of change. We feed this back into your strategy to ensure successful implementation of change projects with minimal negative outcomes.

Talent Management Strategy Development

We’ll give you the competitive edge with our Talent Management Strategies designed to help you attract, retain and grow your talent in line with your organisational objectives and your talent’s developmental aspirations.

People and Culture Strategy Development

With your uniqueness in mind, we develop functional people and culture strategies that can be easily deployed in your company either by an existing People / People Team or by us! For us, a good People and Culture Strategy isn’t just about creating a great place to work, it’s also about creating a more dynamic, productive, inclusive and sustainable company that people want to do business with.

Executive Recruitment

We know that a ship is only as good as its captain and good leadership is the driver of any culture, change project or strategy execution. We’ll help you recruit the right Executive and Leadership Talent to help steer your ship in the right direction.

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